Email Campaign Management

At Goroi Data, we believe in the power of data to help your business achieve more.

Well-conducted email campaign will help you understand your markets better. Email campaign Management service provides the capability to measure the differing strength of each response and gain detailed insights into the right pitches for the right customers.


The true art of successful email campaigns begins in the design of the campaign strategy. Campaigns should be designed from the outset with the clear intention of measuring results. When you start from a need to measure results, your first question becomes: What would be the measure of success?

But first, what is the aim of the Email Campaign Management?​

To answer the question of the measure of success, we need to have already defined what the aim of the campaign is. Whether it is increasing brand awareness, generating more leads, or improving the take up of an offer, being clear about the aim creates the focus for everything else.

How can we measure success in an Email Campaign?

The precise aim of your campaign will help you answer the question, how can we measure the success of our campaign aim?

If accumulating leads is your campaign aim, you may choose measures such as the number of click-through, sign-ups, or downloads, generated by your email campaign. A call to action in your copy, like a click-through link to your website, will generate the audience interaction you need to measure the result.

If the improved brand or product awareness is your aim, results may be measured better through market surveys. Such a survey would collect information from members of your target audience before the campaign and after. Your results would be found in the survey answers demonstrating changes in awareness.

Choose your Target Audience

The audience should be large enough for the probabilities of response to work in your favor, yet targeted enough so that your pitch can be made relevant to the reader. One of the best ways of ensuring this is to aim a campaign at as many different kinds of the audience as you can, but finely segmenting the audience groups, even writing different copy for each distinct group.

Measuring the Response

With our email campaign Management, you have different measures of interest — the number who unsubscribed, those who opened your mail, and those who clicked through. Each measure tells you something about the success of your campaign. If you run a segmented Email campaign, with different copy for each segment, you will be able to compare those results between market segments, to judge how well your differentiated pitch worked with each audience.

Analyzing the Results of Email Campaign

There are many factors that can influence audience behavior. Good copy writing is a high-level skill which can vastly affect your results. The time of day, week, month, season, or other event-based timing, can also make a difference. Our Email Campaign Management services are a great way of getting to understand your audiences, and the results you measure, the science of it all, will help you better shape future initiatives and future offerings, the art of running a successful campaign, where art meets science.