Data Managmenet

Data is the fuel that propels a good marketing campaign.

Data is the fuel that propels a good marketing campaign. As with good fuel and bad fuel, data quality and stability massively affect marketing programs. Data decays at a steady rate, depending on the industry and also the type of service or product you sell. It is essential to not just maintain high standards when it comes to collection of data, but also with data maintenance.

Understanding how data affects your campaigns is half the battle. Installing efficient and streamlined guidelines to the type of data you collect, greatly enhances your chances.

Data management includes data hygiene processes, removing bad data, updating data sets and ensuring all contacts are viable when project commencement happens.

You cannot ignore the fact that your data is one of the most important aspects of your business. The huge volume of data collated every must be maintained and managed to ensure you make the best out of it. Without a proper data management system in place your company would end up having data that is:

  • Inaccurate
  • Invalid
  • Outdated
  • Misplaced
  • Duplicate
  • Faulty


This will be simply suicidal for any business since no business can run with faulty or inaccurate data. A prerequisite for any successful database marketing campaign is a clean database of correct contact details.

We help organizations manage their databases by:

Cleaning them up

Handling bounces, removing defunct names and emails, and the like

Step 2

We segment databases according to niches, demographics, products and the like


We keep databases current by constantly checking and updating names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers