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Executive mailing lists

Every marketing or email campaign is targeted at different audience type depending on the products and service that a marketer is offering. On the whole, it can be categorized into two areas, one that focuses on consumers (general products) and the other that focuses on business professionals (business related products/services).With a team of experienced analysts and technical experts, Goroi Data can help you to launch highly focused marketing that can help you to improve sales and revenue. We have reliable database that contains over 80 million B2B contacts. This list is regularly updated to meet the standards of international market and to customer confidence. The lists are compiled using multiple sources that include trade shows, membership at various forums, online surveys, online subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, marketing directories and In-house database.

Our popular lists include:

1. HR Executives
2. IT decision makers
3. Sap Decision makers
4. Fortune 500 companies
5. And many more...

Our service would cover

At Goroi Data we help list buyers to target professionals from all verticals and industries. The list covers all small-mid and larger industries that comprises of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities, Banking and Finance, Retail, Real Estate, Health care, Hospitality and Insurance. List compiled accordingly to job title include C-Level Executives, VP-Level Executives, Directors, IT executives, Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, HR Executives, Finance, Business Development Executives, Treasures, Managers and many more. An email list would cover following information; First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry and Web Address.

IT Executive Email Lists

Goroi Data serves as largest single source service provider to buy highly opted in contact lists to reach users of network and IT products/service. The lists covers key players who have purchasing influence in every corporate or organization. If you're targeting at IT professionals to market your products/services, then our service would be handy to accomplish in this area. We have served to the needs of small, mid and large enterprises who wanted to contact large audience in IT sector. We provide you with reliable email lists. These lists are compiled using multiple sources that include in-house database, Subscribers and attendees of Linux World Conference and Expo, Macworld, Network World,, PC magazine PC world and many more.

These lists are opted in to meet the standards of data quality. At Goroi Data, we updated our database every 90-180 days to provide valid and deliverable data that helps in establishing in your email campaign/marketing programs.

The service can offered in accordance with job title that will help you to focus on key contacts in the industries. The lists include; CIO/CTO, IT staff, IT management, Networking management, Marketing/sales, Financial management, Programmer/systems analysts and software developer. The service can be customized and compiled according to product users like Access control, Anti-virus/Anti-spam, Application development, ASP/ISP, Business Intelligence/ Data Management/ Date Warehousing, compliance, internet/intranet products, java, Laptops/notebooks/desktop, service oriented architecture, supply chain, wireless and virtualization.

Decision makers Lists

Every marketing or campaign is targeted at achieving greater results in reaching the right person. However, it is no easy task to reach supreme authority that is instrumental in sales and marketing in every organization. Optimizing Goroi Data service will enable you to reach those key contacts in the industries that hold highest level of authority in purchasing and marketing related activities. Goroi Data provides the service under categories to meet the requirements of small, mid and large enterprises. The service is available in pre-packaged and customized lists. While the former is supplied with readily available email lists, the latter allows the users to pre-define the requirements and receive the suitable lists in accordance to business necessities. For eg: Customize the list according to geography, lifestyle, revenue size, etc.

Information covered under the lists include; company name, corporate website, contact name, title, department, address, phone, fax, email, sales revenues and number of employees, SIC code and Zip code. As the service is mainly targeted at reaching decision makers in an organization, the lists would cover contact information of c-level executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CMO, CIO), VP, Manager level information. Goroi Data has exclusive database specially designed to provide contact information of decision makers. The data is highly opted in and suitable for email marketing and campaign program. The database comprises of over 80 million B2B contacts and 120 million B2C contacts. The database contains key contacts that include: Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Human Resources Officers. The service will enable you to target niche B2B market and reach key decision makers.

Human Resource (HR) Executive Email Lists

Human Resource (HR) sector is perhaps one of the booming industries. The scope for marketers is wide open to promote HR related products/services. Goroi Data has covered all types/ verticals of industries. The list covers; employee Benefits, HR Software, Executive/Personnel Recruitment Agencies, Employee Training etc. The service allows you to reach key contacts in HR industries that include;

  • C-level executives
  • VP-level executives
  • Mangers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Payroll administrators
  • HR executives

The generated lists would cover Company name, address, telephone number, websites, primary contacts, HR Contact/recruiter that comes along with full titles and direct email addresses, phone, fax, mailing address, industry segment, number of employees, sales revenues, company URL, etc. We cover all industries that encompasses of Insurances, Banking and Financial Institution, HR enterprises, Retail Industry, Healthcare, Hospitality and many more. Our main objective is to help you reach niche market in the HR sector that would help you to sell your HR related products/services. The lists is compiled using multiple reliable sources that includes; in-house database (80 million contacts), International business directories and magazines, Tradeshows, online subscription and surveys. These lists are opted in to ensure that compiled records are valid and ready for use. It also ensures that the email addresses are deliverable and prospects have given approval to receive the email.

Insurance Email Lists

Goroi Data has a master database with over 200 million records and adding up to 25,000 fresh contacts every month. Insurance Email lists will provide the contact information of key people in insurance industry.

The service covers all the major areas in the insurance area that include:
1. Property & Casualty
2. Life
3. Accident & Health
4. Commercial
5. Liability
6. Pension, Health and welfare funds
7. Auto insurance
8. Reinsurance carrier
9. Other insurance carrier: Insurance companies, insurance agencies, insurance agents and underwriters who offer various insurance products and services.

The list is compiled using multiple reliable sources that include; Trade shows, expo, conference, event, online subscription lists, survey, partnership with international communities, insurance forums etc. These lists are validated using tele-verification and opted in to suit the needs of vendor. We have been serving more than 100 clients across globe to meet their marketing needs. Thus, it has encouraged us to increase the size of master database with fresh and new contacts. Our clients have always shown keen interest in receiving service from us, backed by a team of expertise. The service is offered in two packages to provide accurate results. It can be received in pre-packaged or customized lists. While the former comes with readily available contacts, the former allows you to define your target audience and prepare the lists.

Business Email Lists

Goroi Data is a leading high quality mailing lists provider. We have master database that contains over 80 million B2B and 120 million B2C data records. These lists are highly opted in records to match the increasing demand for authentic data in the market. The service is targeted at satisfying customers who are looking out for huge contact database to contract prospects of various streams. We have all types of industry type, job title and other customizable factor based list to meet your business needs. Business to Business mailing lists is one of the most sought after email list to widen the scope of your sales leads of revenue growth. The list would cover key contact people in the sector and provide valid contact details that are updated in the database using multiple marketing strategies.

The list covers all small-mid and larger industries that comprises of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities, Banking and Finance, Retail, Real Estate, Health care, Hospitality and Insurance. List compiled accordingly to job title include C-Level Executives, VP-Level Executives, Directors, IT executives, Sales Executives, Marketing Executives, HR Executives, Finance, Business Development Executives, Treasures, Mangers and many more. An email list would cover following information; First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry and Web Address. Optimizing the service will help you to explore the boundaries business success in easy and effective way. Goroi Data has served hundreds of firms across globe and it keeps adding its clientele list very frequently.

Consumer Email Lists

The primary objectives of initiating marketing activities are to create public awareness, build brand image and promote products. So, one of the pre-requisites is to build large contact network to make it big and successful. If your enterprise is targeting consumers in order to promote consumer related products. Then, our service would be the best available option in the market. Consumer email lists is regarded as one of the key elements in email marketing targeting at larger audience. We have largest database that contains over 120 million B2C records that are regularly updated. The lists are compiled using multiple and reliable source ensuring the validity of records remains first priority.

At Goroi Data, we provide all the necessity types of email lists available in both pre-packaged and customized option, enabling list buyers to enjoy various benefits along the service. The list covers;

  • Age
  • Head of household
  • Income
  • Household
  • Homeowner or renter
  • Children
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Type of dwelling
  • Occupation
  • Credit card holder
  • Lifestyle categories

We help you to build cost effective email marketing, as it is well known fact that email marketing is the right choice to launch internet marketing that eliminates printing cost and other costs associated with traditional marketing aspects.

Health care Email Lists

A general belief about Health care email lists is always associated with doctors. However, the scope of Health care Email lists is wide and large. It covers large portion of highly beneficial community from the perspective of a marketer. It comprises different specialties, organizations and regions. In fact, healthcare industry serves as a niche market for those marketers who are selling Healthcare related products/services. Contacting these professionals will boost your leads and sales simultaneously. But contracting these executives is no easy task, as all the contact details are not available to public. However, with Goroi Data the solution is simple and effective. We have world's largest database with over 200 million data. These data are highly opted in and suitable for effective marketing purpose.

The service enables you to target your prospects based on job titles that include:

  • C-level executives- CEO, CFO, COO, CPO, CIO, CTO, VP- level- Exec VP, VP/Asst VP/
  • Medical Imaging (Radiology Admin, VP/Dir Radiology)
  • Multi Hospital Executive
  • Board Members
  • Vendor/Supplier
  • Healthcare Consultants- Hospital Administrators, Hospital Staff, Health Clinics, Doctors and Nurses
  • Health Organizations
  • Government/Voluntary Health Org

The service covers several aspects that serve as fundamentals that include: Hospitals, Clinics, Medical laboratories, Medical libraries, Medical schools, Medical organizations, Medical suppliers and Nursing Homes. We would provide health care email lists that are compiled using multiple source and in-house database. The list comprises of name, job title, phone, mailing address, fax, and company, SIC code, industry details, etc.

Direct Marketing Email Lists

A recent marketing study says that compiling and maintaining a large database is a clear indication of successful direct marketing. Thus the importance of having an accurate and clean database is as important as launching marketing campaign. Vendors who are launching marketing campaign that involves direct marketing tool need creative flexible strategies to ensure maximum response rates. We at Goroi Data provide highly opted in and up-to-date data, backed by our expertise. Generally direct marketing optimizes cost effective tools that include; telemarketing, solicited or unsolicited emails, catalogs, leaflets, brochures and coupons. But if you don't have valid contact information then, your marketing purpose goes in vain attempt. Thus, initializing our service will enable you to find new prospects and improve the chances of increasing your sales and leads. We will help you to launch targeted campaign by enabling to you to customize the service by geography, industry, job function and more.

Direct marketing is perhaps one of the reliable ways to build healthy relationship with customers. This tool will help you to attract new customers and retain relationship with existing customers. By initializing our service, you will be able to contact millions of customers to promote and sell your products. We provide all relevant resource to help you kick start your direct marketing campaign. We can help you with our database that contains over 80 B2B and 120 million B2C prospect's records.

Advertising email lists

At Goroi Data we offer result oriented email list service to help clients to drive traffic, acquire new prospects, retain existing customers and significantly improve sales and leads. Thus we offer cost effective Advertising email lists. Advertising is perhaps one of the fastest growing industries. Apply right email marketing strategies along with reliable contact network will ultimately result in success of your direct marketing campaign and other forms of campaign. One of the primary requirements in email campaign or email marketing mainly revolves around your objective or type of audience. In simple words, knowing your audience type will help you to reduce your burden by half and launching highly focused marketing will take care of the rest. The list covers all major and small scale industries that comprises of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities, Banking and Finance, Retail, Real Estate, Health care, Hospitality and Insurance and many more.

It also can be customized according to job title that include C-Level Executives, VP-Level Executives, Directors, IT executives, Sales Executives, Advertising executives, Creative Head, PR, Marketing Executives, HR Executives, Finance, Business Development Executives, Treasures, Mangers and many more. The developed list would cover contact information that comprises of First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address.

Automotive Email Lists
Targeting automotive sector is no more difficult task with Goroi Data offering cost-effective and reliable services. By optimizing service from Goroi Data, you can increase your automotive sales leads and enhance business establishment. With the service becoming more and more demanding, Goroi Data is increasing the number of records in database to meet the business requirements. The service will enable you to target general consumers and business prospects to promote auto related products.

The service will cover the following data:

  • Motor Vehicle Dealers (New and Used)
  • Auto and Home Supply Stores
  • Motorcycle Dealers
  • Recreational Vehicle Dealers
  • Automotive repair
  • Rental and Leasing

The list is compiled using multiple sources that include; Automotive directories, Automotive magazines, International trade shows, partnerships with communities. The list would cover the required contact information that encompasses of First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, ZIP4, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address. Goroi Data has helped hundreds of enterprises across globe to launch cost effective and reliable email campaign through its email appending and data appending services.

Banking Mailing Lists

Banking industry is no doubt is fast growing and the demand is ever increasing. Targeting these banking executives other professionals is big source to boost lead generation and sales. There is a huge demand in the market to sell and promote financial products, telecommunications systems, corporate travel packages, computer equipment, office furnishings, executive gifts, seminars, conferences etc. These products are targeted at banking executives, financial and investment consultants. At Goroi Data we provide highly opted in mailing lists that will you to target these top executives at selectable by asset size, headquarters, branches, titles and job functions. For example: U.S. banks and credit unions with assets between $150 and $750 million with branches in respective state that have at least $5 million or less.

Institutions: Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Thrift/Savings Bank, Third Party Marketing Firms and Community Bank

Job Title/Functions: Senior Management, Program Manager, Sales Representative, Investment consultants, Banking executives and other executives.

Product/Services: Mutual Fund Providers, Annuity Providers, Life Insurance Providers, Other Insurance Providers, Third party Marketing Firms, Sales and Software/Technology.

To meet the rising demand for banking executive contact information, Goroi Data adds 25,000 Bank Investment Consultant contacts in its in-house database that covers insurance, mutual funds, trusts, wealth management, brokerage, annuities, technology, sales and marketing. The service is offered in customized packaged to tailor to the needs of customers. This will also allow vendors to launch more focused marketing.

Educational institution Email Lists

Goroi Data offers a series of exceptional mailing list service to assist marketers to launch sales oriented campaign. However, with no enough contact’s list on hand, it is very difficult even to the start the preliminary stages of marketing. However, in case you enterprise lacks in-house database or posses in-complete database, then Goroi Data can help you with its master database that contains over 200 millions record. In order to provide quality of service to marketers who are targeting education stream, Goroi Data offers cost effective educational mailing lists services.

Under this service, one can target at the key areas of educational sector that comprises of;

1. Elementary and Secondary schools
2. Colleges and Universities
3. Libraries
4. Business and Secretarial schools
5. Vocational schools

The key contacts that covered under the service includes; Administrators, Superintendents, Principals Public school teachers, Private school teachers, Government officials, Public or private colleges, Deans, Department chairs, Professors, Coaches, Distance education faculty, Special education faculty Other educators and support staff. The service can be customized with accordance to various available options suitable to needs. In case, if our lists doesn’t provide you enough scope your marketing strategies, then our team of expertise will compile fresh list of contacts that goes along with your marketing needs. The list can be selected according to; Teachers by grade, class size , Schools by size , Schools by geographic location , Colleges/universities by specialties , Schools by religion , Private schools by specialties, Administrators by title, position, department and various other options are available.

Hospitality Email Lists

Hospitality industry has seen its growth doubling every now and then, in order to meet the customer’s need. Thus, it enabled the presence of Internet to shine diamond. The online customers raising queries, hotel booking and other aspects internet influenced aspects served as boon for hospitality industry. Marketers who are targeting hospitality industry professionals can avail the cost effective service from Goroi Data. We will help you to reach most influential key contacts in the industry to help you grow your sales and leads.

Our service will enable you to target key areas in Hospitality industry that include;

• Commercial and non-commercial establishments
• Chain and independent restaurants
• Hotels
• Schools
• Colleges
• Hospitals
• Nursing homes
• B&I and contract feeding

We provide highly opted in list in other words we supply only permission-based list of B2B contacts that are telephone verified. These lists are compiled using multiple source including, Trade Shows, online surveys, Hospitality communities, international partnership and In-house database. The service can be customized according to job title, hotel segment and purchasing authority;

1.Job title: Corporate Management, Operations Management, Purchasing 551, Food & Beverage Management, Housekeeping & Maintenance, Sales & Marketing Management, Security Managers & Security, MIS/DP Executives and Other Executives.

2. Hotel Segment: Luxury, Upscale, Midscale, Economy and Boutique.

3. Purchasing authority: Fitness, Leisure & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Furnishings & Fixtures, Guest Amenities & Services, Technology and Bed & Bath Amenities.

Journalist Email Lists

Targeting media has never been so easy until Goroi Data offered Media/PR/Journalist email lists service. The service is aimed at rendering solutions for marketers and vendors who are promoting and selling products for requirements of media industry. The service would cover major factors that drive the business which include; Newspapers publishing & printing, Periodicals publishing & printing, Books-publishing & Printing, Miscellaneous Publishing, Typesetting, Commercial printing-lithographic, manifold business forms, Blank books & loose leaf binders, Bookbinding & related work. It also include Plate making & related services, Radio broadcasting stations, Television broadcasting stations, Cable & other pay TV services, Advertising agencies, Advertising NEC, Theatrical producers & misc services, Public Relations services, Business consulting services NEC and Commercial Printing NEC.

We cover all types of industries that include;

  • Print Media ( Newspaper, Magazine, Tabloids, International, National)
  • Electronic Media
  • Radio
  • Internet Media
  • Government/Private sector

The list is compiled used multiple sources that comprises of Directories, Opt-in website, online and offline survey data, online and offline product registration, partnership with journalist club and association and in-house database. Media has seen overwhelming growth from last decade with advent of globalization and marketing become stiff. On the other hand, it led to the growth of other industries that were indirectly dependent on media.

Lawyer email lists

Goroi Data has extensive database of attorneys and law firms. The service will help you to target lawyers by their practice areas/specialization. The same can be customized by geographical market, age and professional experience. The service covers all legal professionals or law firms. The contacts have been compiled using multiple sources that ensure you contact right person. We implement opt-in methodology to validate the data that ensures email deliverability. The lists would provide all necessity contact information that include; law firm name, lawyer name, age, phone number, fax number, email address, company websites, legal area of specialization/practice, experience.

The service covers all branches of legal subject that include:

Administrative Law, Admiralty And Maritime Law, Agricultural Law, Antitrust And Trade Regulation, Appellate Practice, Aviation And Aerospace, Banking Law, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Civil Rights, Commercial Law, Communications Law, Constitutional Law, Construction Law, Contracts Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Debtor And Creditor, Education Law, Election, Campaign & Political. Eminent Domain, Employee Benefits, Energy, Entertainment And Sports, Environmental Law, Family Law, Finance, Government, Government Contracts, Health Care, Immigration, Indians & Native Populations, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Law, International Trade, Internet Law, Investments, Labor And Employment, Legal Malpractice, Litigation, Media Law, Medical Malpractice. Mergers And Acquisitions, Military Law, Natural Resources, Occupational Safety & Health, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Liability, Real Estate, Securities, Taxation, Technology And Science, Toxic Torts, Transportation, Trusts and Estates, Wills and Probate, Workers Compensation, Zoning, Planning and Land Use. Thus, Goroi Data provides comprehensive data service to meet your marketing needs. Our service will ensure that your leads and sales will improve significantly that would enhance business development.

Physician-Surgeon Email Lists

Under medical profession, physician and surgeon are regarded as highest paid professional. This is definitely good news for marketers to utilize the opportunity to improve sales and lead generation aspects. A market report says that Physicians and Surgeon find Internet as primary mode of research for products/services. As our service will provide you with relevant contact information including email address and fax address it will help you to enhance your business results. The list is compiled by implementing opt in methodology and other marketing best practices. The source list include; Seminars, Trade Publications, Medical Data and partnership with Healthcare associations and Pharmaceutical organizations etc. At Goroi Data we practice high level marketing standards to ensure that quality aspect remains our primary objective. Thus we implement opt-in methodology, tele-verification, automated and manual verification.

The following are the type of Physicians and Surgeons Email Mailing lists

  • American Medical Association List
  • Physician Business Address List
  • Physician License List
  • Physician Group Practice List
  • Physicians by Specialty List
  • Surgeons by Specialty List
  • International Physician List

The service can be customized according to marketing needs. The available options are demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle aspects. And it doesn’t end here, vendors or customers can define their market needs and we at Goroi Data would provide those contact information which is not available for public access.

Real Estate Email Lists

Realty sector is booming in United States of America, its economy is growing at great height with the success of realty sector. Thus, with the Realty sector reaching the sky limits; it is worth mentioning that the products associated with this sector have received immense demand in the last decade. Realtors’ professionals have huge demand for products and services that will help them connect to their customers faster and in convenient way. Marketers who are marketing products to real estate professionals will find our service invaluable. We have served various types of clients across all types of industries, we have been successful and the success story continues backed by our expert team. Our team of expertise who have years of experience in the field of data appending have yielded best results to satisfy customer’s needs. The service can be broken down by state, by region, or by realtor office. The list would cover contact information that include; Company Name, Realtor name, Phone, Fax, Address, City, County, State, Zip, Email, and Web Address.

Our list covers contact information of:

  • Realty Firms
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Builders and construction
  • Finance and Mortgage
  • Real Estate Insurance

We at Goroi Data practice high standards in providing data service, as we are aware of the fact that data standards. We strictly validate our data against DNS server information to ensure that data is authenticated and obtains satisfactory aspects.

Retail Industry Email Lists

Retail sector is one of the largest industries across the globe. With Goroi Data, you can enjoy the benefits of our in-house database that gives you access to millions of retail professionals. It includes Store owners, partners or buyers, middle managers, key department managers and personnel, training, and sales and marketing professional. We help you to target key decision makers in the retail industry to improve your sales and leads. We have years of experience in building quality lists to meet the increasing marketing needs.

The service is categorized and customized into three sections:

1. Business Savvy
2. Trend conscious
3. Highly competitive

Thus, enabling marketers target and promote to the right type of audience that goes along with their respective products/services. The trillion dollar industry is facing high level of competition with entrants of new ventures and establishment of existing players. This industry constantly undergoes lot of changes that in deed increases the demand of the other industries namely technology, fashion, marketing, advertisement and many other industries. We provide highly opted-in lists to fit your rising marketing needs. The service designed to meet the needs of small-mid and large enterprises. The service can be customized according to your needs by defining the target audience type (lifestyle, age, income, occupation) etc. The list covers important areas that include; Department stores, Variety stores, Book stores, Jewelry stores, Hobby Toy & Game Shops, Camera & Photographic Supply, Gift Novelty & Souvenir shops, Miscellaneous Retail Stores NEC , Women’s clothing stores, Men’s & Boys clothing stores, Hardware stores and Retail Nurseries & Lawn Supply stores.

Travel Industry

Goroi Data, a leading email marketing and data appending company offers Travel industry email lists service to help customers find exact target audience in this sector. The service has been designed exclusively to find right solutions for increasing demand for travel industry contact details. We can help you to get the important sectors in travel industry that include; lodging and Hotel, Hospitality Services and Travel Contacts, Bus lines, Buses-charter & rental, Travel Agencies & Bureaus, Tours-operators & promoters,

It also includes; Airline ticket agencies, Airline ticket agencies, Bus lines-ticket agencies, Boats-rental & charter, Sightseeing tours, Steamship agencies and Airports. The service can be customized according to one’s needs. Goroi Data offers various options that are more likely win you the business results which are as following;

1.Department: Engineering, Finance, General Management, Human Resources, Information Services, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Purchasing, Sales & Service and Others.

2.Title: C-Level, President/Owner/Partner, VP/GM/Dir/Mgr, Frontline Travel Agent, EVP or General Management, Vice President, Director and Manager.

3.Travel booking type: Multiple Response, Luxury Travel Cruises, Spas, Escorted or Independent Tours, Golf, Business Travel, All-Inclusive, Honeymoon/Romance, Family Travel, Vacation Rentals , Ski Vacations, Adventure and Conferences.

Thus, Goroi Data provides you comprehensive list of contacts to ensure that your marketing results reach new heights. Our database has extensive records counting 200 million and adding 10,000 to 25,000 fresh contacts regularly. However, the compiled records are opted in and verified thoroughly to meet the standards of quality.


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