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Email Append Frequently Asked Questions
Thank You for your interests in Goroi Data’s email append service. We understand that for a first time appender there are many questions you may have. Here are the answers to the questions we receive most frequently about our email append service.

How long does your append process take?
We proudly offer one of the fastest turnaround times on append files. Upon receiving your data we require 7 - 10 days to complete the total append process and return your data. In some cases we have been able to reduce that time to 24 hours when necessary. Because of our relationship directly with the nation's largest data consortium, we are not required to "pass" our data to several different locations. This results in a more efficient process and faster service.

What is the size of your database and how often is it updated?
Our database consists of over 28 million Business records and over 50 million consumer records with email addresses. This gives us the greatest potential to successfully match missing addresses to contact records in your file. Our database is updated on a daily basis.

What is your average append rate for a b2b file?
For B2B files we achieve an average of 55-90% successful matches.

What is your average append rate on a consumer file?
Currently we are experiencing 25-40% match rates on consumer-related files. Our match rates continue to grow with the foundation of our data.

Where does your data come from?
Our database has been populated through relationships with quality web sites and licensing arrangements with warranty services for brand name manufacturers. The data from these sources has been combined into one comprehensive database making our data management and append process more efficient.

What is an opt-out message?
An opt-out message is often sent to newly appended email addresses to establish contact for the first time via email. This message lets the recipients know to expect future communication via email from your company. It also offers recipients the opportunity to remove themselves from your email list if they should choose. The act of sending an opt-out message is a fairly standard practice for email append customers.

How long does the opt-out process take?
After your customer database is appended, you may wish to have us send an opt-out message. We recommend 2 weeks for the complete results of any opt-outs. However, we do not require a specific time for this process before we can return your appended data. Since approximately 90% of opt-outs come within the first 3 days, we can return your data and forward any subsequent opt-outs as they are received.

What is the average opt-out rate?
The average removal rate in an opt-out mailing ranges from 2-4%, but the resulting opt-outs from an opt-out mailing can depend on a few factors. These factors include how well you've established a relationship with the customers on your database and the benefits they perceive by being included in your email list. The manner in which the opt-out message is constructed will also play a role.

Who sends the opt-out message to the newly appended email files?
Goroi Data can send your opt-out message. However, some clients prefer to make their own arrangements for their opt-out mailing. We offer our append clients the option to handle this portion themselves if they wish.

How am I billed?
We invoice based on the quantity of successfully matched records. In order to know the number of successful matches we must first append the database. In an effort to help our clients stay within budget we can place a cap on the total amount of successful matches and stop the process once the limit is reached.

What is the Goroi Data guarantee?
Goroi Data guarantees the deliverability and accuracy of all appended records. If for any reason you should receive a bounce-back or have an erroneous email we will issue you a credit for those records. Because people move and cancel email accounts this guarantee is good for 14 days from the day you receive your newly appended data.

How long is an email address valid?
It is generally expected that an email database of customers will show 1-2% turnover each month as people move, change jobs or switch Internet providers. This is a great reason to make sure your append provider has data that is updated regularly. We also provide continuing services to help keep your email records valid and up-to-date.

Does the email append process breach consumer privacy?
In order to append a database we require that your contact data be collected from your customers. According to current marketing standards, there is an implied consent established between a business entity and its customers. This implied consent makes it OK to market or establish communication through all available channels. This implied consent can be revoked by the customer through the opt-out process.

How often is your data updated?
Our data is updated quarterly.

How much does it cost to perform an append?
For a fast quote please call or email a Goroi Data append representative at email us. Please make sure to provide your project details including: the size of your database, the nature of your database file, time frame for completion along with your contact information. A representative will respond promptly.

Do you have a minimum order?
We do require a minimum order size of $1,000.

Do you charge a setup fee?
No. Even on small orders we offer a price per appended record that is all-inclusive. There is no additional set up fee.

How can I find out more?
Are you planning an email append to grow your marketing database? If so, give us a call and we will put you in direct contact with one of our data consultants.

How is the Data Compiled?
5,200 Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories • Federal, State, City & Country Government Data • Bankruptcy records and legal filings • Trade Associations • State Licensing Boards • Leading business magazines, newspapers and company newsletters • Annual reports • 10Ks and other SEC filings • New business registration and incorporations • Postal service information including National Change of Address, ZIP+4 carrier route and Delivery Sequence Files.

How are Goroi Data's prices the most competitive in the industry?
Most of our bigger competitors are publicly traded & their finances are public information. Do your research & you will find they spent 5 million dollars on a super bowl & donated over 5 million dollars to Clinton Foundation. That is just the beginning of their lavish spending they pass on to their clients. The Data Depot sticks to the basics and operates a very stream line operation allowing us to offer our databases at the lowest price points in the industry. Quality data at affordable prices.


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