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Business Opt-in Email List.
In order to succeed, you need customers and to get customers you need a way to generate sales leads. But in a weak economy, finding those customers is simply more difficult and potential buyers are just not responding to traditional marketing methods. The fact is that to succeed, you need a more targeted and efficient method of lead generation.

Goroi Data business mailing lists provide businesses with accurate and affordable leads that are continually updated. Our targeted business lists will help you increase your customer base therefore increasing your sales.

1) Highly Targeted
2) complete contact information with opt-in email lists
3) 80% deliverability guaranteed on emails

Reach Top Level Decision Makers or over 30 million influential B2B Executives at nearly 900,000 companies.

Using our Lists you can: -

1) Target New Businesses, or well-established Businesses (including millions of Home-Based Businesses).
2) New Business Lists - Get in touch with new business owners and decision makers.
3) Find categories such as, Information Technology, Bankers, Insurance Agents, Import-Exporters etc.
4) Market to professionals such as Directors, CEO's, CFO's, Managers,
5) Present your offers to Brand New Businesses!
6) Locate professionals by industry (i.e. IT, Sales & Marketing, Lawyers, Purchase, Accountants, Realtors etc), at their addresses.
7) Choose by Corporate Lineage.

Guaranteed deliverability. Top
While this is the very best business data available anywhere, it's still not perfect. You will still find a small percentage of errors and recent closed businesses. It is not uncommon to have 3% to 7% undeliverable names, especially in industries with high levels of turnover.

Our Lists are complied through various sources such as b2b magazine subscriptions, Trade Show attendees, Tie-up with publications firms, 5200 Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories • Federal, State, City & County Government Data • Bankruptcy records and legal filings • Trade Associations • State Licensing Boards • Leading business magazines, newspapers and company newsletters • Annual reports • 10Ks and other SEC filings • New business registration and incorporations • Postal service information including National Change of Address, ZIP+4 carrier route and Delivery Sequence Files. Our 250+ Data team is specialized in building lists and appending emails.

You can choose from a wide range of list selects including:

  • SIC codes
  • Zip Codes
  • Industry Type
  • Employee Size
  • Title
  • Revenue
  • Geographic location

Technology Lists

Using Goroi Data Technology B2B list, you'll have access to information from most of the companies that have purchased specific products/services, plus more than 400,000 executive contacts which are interested in related products and value added, related, services. Our database contains key contacts from Americas, Asia/Pacific and Europe . Our customers have found Goroi Data targeted technology business lists, title/ industry specific mailing lists and email lists to be the most effective means to reach the intended prospects, increase revenue and drastically reduce marketing cost.

If you are a technology firm or have technology related products that you would like to market to decision-makers across the globe, our newly updates and verified technology lists would make this a reality.

ERP Prospect Lists
JD Edwards
Great Plains

CRM Prospect Lists

DBMS Vendors Prospect Lists

Storage Vendors Prospect Lists

Targeted Email Lists Top

Goroi Data offers targeted email address list compilation services based on your keyword target criteria. This service will allow your business to specifically pinpoint its target market providing you with precise email lists to promote your business or product. We have helped companies build business by supplying highly accurate and targeted contact information in key markets (Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Personnel, HR, Training, Corporate Finance Manufacturing Industry, Pension Funds etc). Our aim is to provide all our customers with the most accurate business information available in any format you require. At Goroi Data, we ensure that the information we provide is as up-to-date and detailed as possible. All of our business contacts are collected through rigorous stages of questionnaire and telephone research. This data is then regularly and carefully updated throughout the year.

For example:

IT/IS/MIS Professionals - Comprehensive targeted contact lists of over 200,000 IT, IS, MIS Executives and managers within the top within the top US manufacturing corporations, financial services institutions, pharma and medical devices corporations, higher ed organizations and government institutions.

Medical Equipment Sales Industry - We can compile highly targeted email lists of medical doctors, surgeons, & dentists interested in what you have to offer.

Pharmaceutical Companies - Fresh lists of Pharmacists can be assembled, cleaned and made available for contact.

Insurance Sales or Mortgage Refinancing Companies - Geographically Sensitive Businesses - We can put together comprehensive targeted emails lists based on a specific city or from an entire state.

List Selections available
1) Industry: Higher Ed, High Tech, etc.
2) Job Functions: CIO, VP, Sales,Manager, Webmaster, etc
3) Geography: CA, MA, AL, etc.
4) Number of Employees
5) Revenues

Some of the Decision Makers list available

  • IT Decision Makers
  • Sales Decision Makers
  • Marketing Decision Makers
  • C-level contacts
  • HR Decision Makers
  • Finance Executives
  • Operations Decision Makers
  • CEOs and Presidents
  • Lawyers and Attorneys
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Physicians
  • Frequent Travelers/Hotel Guests
  • Research Professors and Scientists
  • Librarians

  • R&D Decision Makers
  • Nurses
  • Property Management Decision Makers
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • CPAs
  • Dentists
  • Contacts in Religious Parishes
  • Creative, Printing and Advertising Decision Makers
  • Decision Makers at Venture Capital Firms
  • Engineering Decision Makers
  • Non-profit Executive Directors
  • Purchasing, Sourcing, and Procurement Decision Makers
  • Customer Support and Help Desk Decision Makers
  • Architects
  • Canadian Certified Financial Planners (CFP)

Key Facts

  • Over 30 million accurate business contacts in Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, IT, Training, Business Development, Finance, Pensions, Design etc
  • Search by job title, geography, industry, company size, employee size
  • No minimum order
  • Free Quotation Service

Pre Package List. Top

Targeted Opt In B2B Databases: We offer the following popular B2B databases select. Any other custom list selects can be built on request.

  • Fortune Company- Executives List
  • C-level ( COO, CFO, CTO and Chairmans)
  • CIO/CTOs, IT Vice Presidents, Directors
  • Top Finance decison makers
  • Top 100,000 Company Executives List
  • Top 50,000 Company C-Level Decision Makers
  • Top 5000-Company-IT-Executives
  • IT-Top Level Titles
  • Top HR Decison Makers
  • Top Decision Makers List (C,V & D level executives)
  • Top 10,000 Financial Decision Makers
  • Financial Industry Executives
  • Hospital Personnel and Healthcare Executives
  • Sales, Advertising & Marketing Decision Makers
  • Operations Decision Makers
  • Pharmacy Executive-List
  • Retail Trade Industry List
  • Small Business Owners List
  • Technology Top Titles
  • Women Owned Business and many more....

Industry Specific B2B Lists Top

Goroi Data provides comprehensive business matching, business lists (B2B lists), B2B prospecting and B2B lead generation capabilities. With this variety of business information, you can define and target your email marketing,direct mail, telemarketing and direct sales efforts. You can target key executives from any industries like IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses etc and we will build the list according to our target industry.

You can target any industry and we will build a list includes key decision makers perfectly matching to your targeted industry.

Given below some of the industries
  • Financial Services, Government,
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing
  • Mining, Construction, Communications
  • Electric, Gas, Sanitary Services
  • Business Services, Legal Services
  • Healthcare Services, Social Services
  • Higher Education, Recruiting Companies, Telecom
  • Manufacturing, Transportation
  • Wholesale Trade, Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate
  • Educational Services, Taxation
  • Engineering, Accounting, Research
  • Management, Public Administration

Depending on the level of analysis you are conducting, choose from the following:

Market Potential – Define a trade area, then discover new business opportunities!
Business Targeting – Identify and locate your competitors. You can also create effective B2B lists for targeted B2B prospecting by using a variety of business list attribute filters.

Additional selections available for targeting the most effective business list for your needs include:

  • The specific types of businesses you want to reach.
  • The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes for each type of business in your target market.
  • The annual sales volume of each company on your list.
  • The specific geographical area (i.e. zip code, county, state) you request.
  • The option of specifying Headquarters, Branches, Single site or all types of locations.

By targeting business lists to your specific needs, you save precious time prospecting.

Title Specific Lists Top

Target your campaigns based on Job Title, using Goroi Data targeted contact lists of over 900,000 CEOs, and Presidents, Key Decison makers within the top US IT companies, manufacturing corporations, financial services institutions, pharma and medical devices corporations, higher ed organizations and government institutions. We specialize in the Business-to-Business and Technology industries. If you're looking to reach decision-makers in these markets, we're your best resource.

Some of our hottest categories include...

Title Specific B2B lists

  • CEO/President
  •  CFO/VP Finance
  •  VP/Director HR
  •  VP/Director Purchasing
  •  VP/Director Networking/LAN
  • CIO/Director IT
  •  VP/Director IS
  •  VP/Director MIS
  •  Business Owners
  •  IT/IS/MIS Professionals
  •  Operations/Supply Chain  Professionals
  • CRM/Telecom Professionals

  •  Sales/Marketing Professionals
  •  C-Level Executives
  •  Finance/Accounting Professionals
  • Fortune 500 Executives
  •  C-Level Management
  •  CIOs/IT Managers
  •  IT Project Managers
  •  Human Resource Professionals
  •  Marketing/Sales Professionals
  •  CFOs/Financial Managers
  •  VARs/Resellers/Systems Integrators
  •  Small Businesses
  •  Government Decision Makers
     and many more..

Choose from the highest quality opt-in email lists to reach corporate decision makers who have given their permission to receive information and offers via email from third parties. The most responsive B2B and Business Technology mailing lists on the market, these lists consist of subscribers to publications, conference, webinar, tradeshow, seminar and expo attendees and direct mail buyers. Target small business decision makers to Fortune 1000 executives . All titles and niche markets are available.

Direct Mailing Lists Top
Goroi Data specializes in providing business and consumer mailing lists that are privacy-compliant, accurate and affordable. Our continuously updated direct mail lists allow you to target your market, grow your sales and increase your profits. The combination of quality data, superior customer service and impartial recommendations has made us the leading mailing list provider of choice for thousands of customers across the country.

The success of any direct marketing campaign depends
on the lists you choose.

Our Postal Lists Will Reach Your Most Valuable Prospects/Customers...
Accurately, Directly & Cost Effectively !

Our telephone-verified business mailing lists will provide you access to over 30 million businesses and Top level executives, making it easy for you to get your message to your best business prospects. Pinpoint your message by reaching professionals within each organization who are responsible for purchase decisions related to your product or service. Or, select from one of our specialized business lists that target key markets such as new businesses, home-based businesses or high growth businesses.

Custom List Building Service Top

We know how important it is for you to be able to target and identify your key prospects when choosing a business list. Our strength is to build lists to match your desired market specifications. You can build your own business lists from our 30 million opt-in database based on any specification of your choice including Zip Codes, SIC code, Industry Type, Employee Size, Title, Revenue, Geographic location and any specific criteria given by you. With our team of over 350 Data Champions, We can build Custom lists for you within weeks. Be it any Niche segment of industry, our data team can help you build a couple of thousand record database with email that enables us to achieve your marketing objectives. You can also get opt-in contacts for decision makers at all levels – C level, V level, D level, Manager level across all the industries.

You can choose from a wide range of list selects including:

  • SIC codes
  • Zip Codes
  • Industry Type
  • Employee Size
  • Title
  • Revenue
  • Geographic location

We also have an exciting option to build In-house Opt-in lists using our Opt-in List Builder Package. Once you identify your Target audience - We can help you Build Opt-in Lists doing a couple of introductory campaigns to the target lists and weeding out unsubscribes / opt-out's from the target lists (typically under 2%-4%). At the end of the campaigns you will be provided the rest (over 96%+) Opt-in Business records that include Top Executives from most companies across the US or a particular State along with complete contact details including Email address, phone, fax, mailing address, sales, employees, title, industry, SIC codes etc.

Whether you're targeting businesses , consumers or active buyers , Goroi Data can target your perfect prospect , and deliver to you the most accurate and reliable sales lead database in the world

Tele-Marketing List. Top

A targeted telemarketing list plays an integral part in the success of your marketing campaign. The right telemarketing list can produce huge profits, the wrong telemarketing list - dismal failure. It's never been easier to find new clients to buy your products and services with our telemarketing lists. Telemarketing lists can provide you with immediate access to hundreds of millions of business and residential names, addresses, phone numbers and hundreds of other specialty selects to help you find your ideal prospects.

We can provide you with just about any category or criteria combination you could possibly imagine!!

USA & Canada Updated every 4 weeks to ensure accuracy.
Volume Discounts available & Special Predictive Dialer rates, please call.

The Accuracy of our lists is guaranteed & Updated every 4 weeks!
Our focus is on quality data, personalized service & competitive pricing. Our promise: High quality lists & low prices. ....guaranteed.

Whether you're targeting businesses , consumers or active buyers , Goroi Data can target your perfect prospect , and deliver to you the most accurate and reliable sales lead database in the world .


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