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Data Management

Email List Management Services

It is a well known fact that still Email Marketing remains the cheapest, reliable and simple marketing solutions. If personalization and bulk marketing is one of the primary necessity then, email marketing is the best option available in the market.

Features of our services

1.Reliable and performance oriented

We have robust system that will undertake the necessary action to make your email marketing purpose simple to use and highly efficient. Our system will let you to deliver thousands of records in an hour.

2.Web based system
You don't require to install sophisticated software or additional hardware to run the task, in order to make things simple at Goroi Data we offer web based Email List Management services.

3.Interactive features
Our service comes with interactive features to provide highly efficient product. The added features will make your tasks simple which will run automated process that include

•Reporting, monitoring, analyzing and managing.
•Import and export data
•Email update in real time
•Review your email lists
•Remove invalid data and clean to update the database

4.Technical support

Our team will be available round the clock to assist you with quality of service. We have a dedicated team of technical experts to offer you product related and other information. Thus we ensure that your email marketing business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Customer Relationship Management

An industrial expert claims that successful email marketing is not just one time relationship with customers but long-term. To encounter the increasing business challenges and maintain good relationship with customers there is mounting demand for CRM which serves as ROI tool in modern day marketing.

At Goroi Data we offer affordable CRM service that comes along with effective solutions. However the portal is not designed just to add commercial value to existing data but to enhance customer relationship experience and simplify email marketing process. The service would help you in running your Front office and Back office operations efficiently.

The main objectives of CRM are to increase productivity and reduce cost associated with marketing and other aspects. The features in the CRM will help you to experience win-win situation, the features list include;

•Lead tracking/management, Contact tracking/management, Sales pipeline/forecasting analysis
•Marketing campaign tracking and reporting and Call center tracking.

The service is aimed at rendering solutions to all kinds of industries that include: Advertising, Apparel, Architecture, Banking, Biotechnology, Business services, Communications, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospital, Insurance, Media, Real estate, Recreation, Retail, Shipping, Transportation, Travel, utilities and others.

Our service will help you to learn the customer response and to assess the status of targeted marketing status. This will help you to analyze the situation and implement effective strategies to generate quality sales leads.

Lead Generation management

At Goroi Data we offer web based Lead Generation Management System to improve the efficiency and ROI factors. In general terms, generating leads is a process of conversion of sales leads into customers otherwise popularly known as "first contact to close".

The main objective of Lead Generation Management is to automate the process of distributing and managing leads in systematic way to improve the productivity of business goals. At Goroi Data we have designed the portal keeping the increasing challenges encountered by marketing professionals. The main features and functionalities of our portal include;

1.Upload 10's to 1000's at high speed
2.Distribute leads among lead buyers
3.Manage your sales team
4.Calculate the commission and other aspects of lead conversion
5.Reporting module to track your lead sources, lead buyers, profits, lead returns

We understand the cycle of Lead generation and the same reflects in our portal as well. The six stages of Lead Management include; Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Lead Nurturing, Lead Distribution, Lead Pursuit, and Lead Tracking and reporting.

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