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Email List solutions.

Email Appending :

You've built a good database of your customers' and prospects' direct mail information. Now you want to start marketing to them via the Web, but you don't have their email addresses. Add current, permission-based email addresses to your database of business prospects. Goroi Data email appending services can provide accurate deliverable e-mail addresses, we guarantee the emails are deliverable and you only pay for confirmed emails. Our B2B email appending service finds deliverable business email addresses for up to 80+% of your corporate postal records.

Business email appending is a powerful service that increases Customer Retention goals.
By appending email addresses to your customer database, you can expand your marketing options and receive tremendous customer communication benefits. Through our tried and tested Email Appending service, we can help you add active email address, title, telephone and fax numbers, etc.. to your established clients/prospects lists. Goroi Data will allow you to build your online customer database by giving you your customers most current email address. Your entire organization can benefit from our B2B data services: Marketing departments use various B2B data services to understand customer demographics, better target messages, and to find better prospects. Sales departments use B2B data services to gain insight into their top sales prospects to help them close more sales. Accounting departments use B2B data services to reduce credit risks. To complete all requests, Quick Data Services consultants match your records to our comprehensive business database of over 30 million U.S. records.

Email Append Process: Email Append provides instant access to your most lucrative audience. Expand your Customer Relationships by communicating with them via email. We match email addresses to your existing customer databases, and opt them in to receive future communications. It is easy and cost-effective, and can have an immediate impact on sales.

Step 1:
The client identifies the records in its internal database that need Email Appending. Once identified this database is sent to Goroi Data via email or FTP Upload. The database can be sent in any format, our team is equipped to handle all kinds of database formats. Once uploaded, the database is picked by Goroi Data for processing.

Step 2:
Once received by Goroi Data, database is formatted so that it can be matched with our Master Database of 30 million Business records with opt-in emails. During the matching process, whenever there is match found with the name, business name and address in the clients database, the corresponding email is added from our master database to the client’s database and this process will continue till the last record.

After the match process is over, the appended emails are verified for delivery. The verification process is semi-automated. With the help of our proprietary tools we verify all the mails for deliverability and again our 200-member data team will manually verify each appended emails. So our average match rates are over 80%.

At the completion of the append process step a standard message is sent to the newly appended emails indicating that the append client wishes to communicate with them via email. This email gives the recipient the opportunity to opt-out if they choose. After allowing 5-7 business days for all responses, the opt-outs are removed from the database

Upon the successful completion of the append process, the enhanced database is then reformatted to the original file format and it will be delivered to the client. We are one of the few companies that truly execute the standardization and customer email append in-house. By controlling the entire email append process in-house, we endow our clients the rapid turnaround, quality control and accountability they entail.

Benefits of Email appending.
1). Increase sales opportunities
2). Market effectively for the future
3). Cost effective way to reactivate lapse/inactive customers
4). Save postage and increase receivables
5). Build a Solid Multi-Channel Strategy
6). Provide a new channel of communications with your customers
7). Support your direct mail initiatives (email in conjunction with direct mail has proven to increase overall response rates)
8). More speed for your time sensitive communications
9). Test new offers quickly before rolling out, Fast turnaround
10). Our Multi-Source Approach Provides the Industry's Highest Match Rates

We match email addresses to your existing customer databases, and opt them to receive future communications. It is easy and cost-effective, and can have an immediate impact on sales.

How about results from customers whose email addresses were appended :
For email addresses that come from email append processing (remember, these were 24+ direct mail/telephone buyers only), individual matches resulted in a 500% return over the marketing investment after one year. Household matches still generated a net return of 200%.

Using Email Update Services has also been very profitable. Previous online buyers that had their email address updated with a new deliverable email address resulted in a 700% return on investment after one year. Imagine the results if this client also had access to their most-active offline buyers.

Email Append Differentiators:
1). You only pay for successful appended and delivered email addresses.
2). We manage our own email append data and perform email appending in-house
3). We do not sell, trade or give your records to third-party vendors
4). Federal Communication Commission compliant & Direct Marketing Association compliant
5). Quality Control: Goroi Data performs all CASS standardization and customer
matching in-house
6). Execute email append matching via our in-house database
7). We only charge for results
8). We guarantee deliverability of e-mails that we provide to you
9). We manage or co-manage any customer complaints of the initial email append

Phone and Fax Appending Top

Goroi Data can help you with your call center and telemarketing efforts through phone number append and verification services. Phone number appending can turn an incomplete contact file into a valuable leads list. You can append phone numbers to your existing lists with our premium phone appending service. This service finds the most accurate phone information available and presents your updated file for download in just minutes.

High match rates ranging from 30-65%
With the help of Goroi Data phone services, you'll keep your phone numbers up to date, and get the most out of every dial attempt. Goroi Data also offers phone number validation and hygiene services to optimize your list and keep it free of bad data. Goroi Data confirms the accuracy of your telephone numbers on your database and append additional telephone numbers.

Our Phone Appending Service include:

Business phone appending
Consumer phone appending
Verifying of existing business & consumer phones
New mover phone appending

Fax Appending Service:
We add the missing fax numbers based on unique combination of contact name and address for each record provided by you to get accurate fax numbers. Fax appending as the name suggests is the process of appending current fax numbers by matching with our opt-in database and giving the most updated matches.

Update your business database with correct fax numbers :
This is a unique service from Goroi Data, as we understand the importance of prospecting the client with a multi-channel approach, not leaving any channel behind. This way we allow our clients to leverage all possible channels of communication giving them a very high ROI. In cases where you have obtained written permission from your clients to send fax messages; this is an excellent service for updating your business database with fax numbers.

Mailing Address AppendingTop

It's true - the United States Postal Service states it throws away approximately thirty five percent of all bulk mail every year! Why so much? Think: "Mailing list cleanup." When bulk mail can't be delivered, it ends up in a postal dumpster. The two main reasons that mail can't be delivered are: 1) The address is incorrectly written, ambiguous or there is no such address known.

2) The address is good, but the recipient person or company is no longer at that location.
Address appending can turn an incomplete contact file into a valuable leads list and increase the value of your Direct mail list. We can append full contact details, including address, phone number, fax number, and area code etc.

High match rates ranging from 30-75%

Someone's waiting for an invitation to spend money. Do you have the right address?

How does Goroi Data Services Fix Your Direct Mailing List?

Scrubbing your list - our mailing list cleanup includes deduping - and coding it by matching your addresses to the USPS National Database of known addresses will tell you which of your mailing addresses are good versus those that are already headed for the dumpster.

Mailing list cleanup, including mailing list deduplication ( dedupe), is an absolute must to comply with USPS standards. USPS-based programs such as NCOA and ACS will tell you whether or not your recipient are still where you think they are or have moved (both NCOA and ACS services will tell you where), or disappeared and are no longer mailable (Nixie).

Deduplication included with our mailing list cleanup service will prepare your mailing list properly. In order to ensure timely delivery and qualify for bulk mail discounts, your mailing labels must meet United States Postal Service guidelines. We can ensure that your addresses are correct, your data is in the proper format (including presorts), and even print your mailing labels for you. _________________________________________________________________________________

Alternate Contact and Title Appending Top

We can add contact details of other people from the same company or functional/job area to your in house database. if you would like to get the contact details of Associate sales Manager and the Senior sales Manager from XYZ Company, we can append that contacts.

Alternate Contact Appending is a powerful service of adding alternate contacts from the same company to your customer/prospect file. It’s a great way to reach multiple people in the same company.

Title Appending Service :

Your message would make sense only if it is customized for the person it is intended for. Most of the companies do not have job titles in their prospect database. Titles are very critical for effective targeted marketing. Goroi Data can add latest and correct job-titles to your database, so that you can do more effective targeted marketing.

Alternate contact/Title appending service can turn an incomplete contact file into a valuable leads list and increase the value of your database. We can append full contact details, including physical address, Title, phone number, fax number, email address , area code etc.

High append rates ranging from 35 - 75%

Why are your current lists not working for you?
If your lead generation and sales programs are directed at the wrong contact database your campaigns cannot give you the desired results.

We have an exciting service to build Targeted Opt-in lists using our Targeted contact discovery and List building Package. Once you identify your Target audience - We can help you Build Opt-in Lists doing a couple of introductory campaigns to the target lists and weeding out unsubscribes / opt-out's from the target lists (typically under 2%-4%). At the end of the campaigns you will be provided the rest (over 96%+) Opt-in Business records that include Top Executives from most companies across the US or a particular State along with complete contact details including Email address, phone, fax, mailing address, sales, employees, title, industry, SIC codes etc.

Our strength is to build lists to match your desired market specifications. You can build your own business lists from our 30 million opt-in database based on any specification of your choice including Zip Codes, SIC code, Industry Type, Employee Size, Title, Revenue, Geographic location and any specific criteria given by you. With our team of over 350 Data Specialists, We can build Custom lists for you within weeks. Be it any Niche segment of industry, our data team can help you build a couple of thousand record database with email that enables us to achieve your marketing objectives.


Reverse Appending

Learn more about your customers

You have a list of email addresses compiled from online website registrations, but don’t have full name & postal information, you know nothing more about these individuals besides their email addresses. Your subscriber file is matched with a permission-based email database, and the name, mailing address, phone etc of the subscriber is added to your file.

By utilizing Goroi Data Reverse eMail Append service, you learn more about your in-house eMail Database by telling you the individual's full name, Title, mailing address, Phone number, Fax number, Industry, Sic code, Revenue...and much more.


  • Fill the gaps in your database
  • Add data to gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Fine-tune your marketing and customer service efforts

Data Enhancement Service
Improve Your Data. Improve Your Results

Our data enhancement services are designed to ultimately increase the value of your data and allow you to:

  • Fill the gaps in your database
  • Add data to gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Fine-tune your marketing and customer service efforts

Goroi Data provides a range of data appending and data enhancement options for both consumer and business listings. Based on specific segments of a listing --name, address and telephone number--we can enhance your data by appending missing pieces of data for more accurate and complete records.

Our complete range of Data Enhancement Solutions will make your data more productive. Whether you need to target consumers or businesses, we can uncover revealing information to enhance your data.

Email and Reverse Email Append: We'll help you personalize and expand your marketing efforts to increase your online sales. Email append overlays deliverable email addresses onto your customer file and returns a clean, permission-based list with the highest match rates possible. If you have only email addresses, reverse the process and we’ll help you obtain Job Title,Phone and Fax number, postal addresses, Zip code, SIC Code,Industry etc to help enrich your data.

Phone and Reverse Phone Append: Fill in data gaps to expand customer touch points by adding customer phone numbers to your database where you currently have only emails, names, or business titles. If you have only phone records, reverse the process and we’ll obtain email and postal address records.

Firmagraphics: For business to business marketing, we can add contact name, Contact Title, SIC Codes, Primary Industry, Phone/Fax numbers,sales volume, business site type (headquarter vs. branch office), employee size .

NCOA : The National Change of Address database, which is similar to the Fastforward service, contains information on people who have moved within the last 4 years. Save money by keeping your addresses current and not mailing to people who no longer live at an outdated address.

Demographics: Target your messaging for higher response by including occupation, home value, marital status, children, income, and ethnic households–even specialized information like Internet connected households.


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